Discussion Session on "Saving the Oceans" as Part of FII Activities

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Discussion Session on Saving the Oceans as Part of FII Activities

As part of the events of the 6th Edition of the Future Investment Initiative, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's ambassador to the United States of America, Princess Reema bint Bandar bin Sultan, presided over a dialogue session with the theme "Saving the Oceans."

The speakers at the event addressed the issue of ocean and sea pollution, highlighting how important the oceans are to the global economy, how underfunded they are, and how much they rely on charitable efforts to be preserved.

The session focused on the returns and investment in the oceans, providing financial tools to rebuild the natural resources on which many societies around the world depend.

In order to construct oceans in a way that benefits everyone, it also concentrated on new technology, innovations, and tools in the financial industry as well as new concepts to reach unique opportunities through collaboration.


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